Help With Finding and Working With a Lawyer

cropped-accordian-2.5x2.-2.jpgIs it time to find a lawyer to work with?

Sometimes it can be quite a dance.

I published a 10-part column in the Los Alamos Daily Post, an online newspaper in Los Alamos, NM called “Help with the Hard Stuff”, on how clients can understand and select and work better with their attorneys.  The column provides public information and is not providing legal advice. But it may help you understand how you can get help with the hard stuff!

Here are links to the columns:

#1, Legal Process is All about Negotiation

#2, Lawyers are Human, Too

#3, Lawyers Can Be Quite Versatile

#4, Best of all Prevent

#5, Resolve if Possible

#6, Contain if Necessary

#7, The Goldilocks Principle

#8, Getting Commitment, not just Agreement

#9, Be An Informed Shopper for Your Legal Services

#10, Smith’s, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

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