I provide:

  • Individual and small business debt law advice and counseling, including the increasingly seemingly impossible situation of managing student loans,

  • Early, changing and ending family and intimate relationships law advice and counseling, including pre-marriage, divorce, and stresses within families with aging parents and children with uncertain finances,

  • Bankruptcy law advice and counseling for individuals and small business-owners, including alternatives to bankruptcy,

  • Negotiation training,
  • Mediation services to individuals, families and small businesses, and

  • General counsel services.


I've been practicing law for more than 30 years, and have lived in Santa Fe since early 1986 -- love New Mexico! I've backpacked, camped, and boated in some truly quietly grand and some not so quietly grand places here and in the other Four Corners states! This site is still under construction -- please come back from time to time as I'll be adding more information and resources to help you with the hard stuff.


I help with the hard stuff. You are already a problem solver and likely quite good at the problems you deal with regularly. You’re going to a lawyer now because the problem is different or more complex than those you were involved with and managed well before. You’re going to the lawyer to help you with solving a complex problem in an increasingly interconnected, unstable and hopelessly complicated world – something lawyers can be very good at. And, you want the private, confidential nature of the lawyer's advice and counsel.